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HAUTE COUTURE COLLABORATION:Cristina Pacciani's felt couture for Ronald Kolk, dutch designer

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Cristina Pacciani is the creator of this ongoing worldwide art project,linking people from all over the world, called The Arlecchino Project.This project aims to transform the virtual and abstract connections on the social media into a tangible and colorful work of art. Uniting the pending threads from all over the world, The Arlecchino Project is partnership felt. Spreading a message of hope and fraternity, it stimulates collaboration between people geographically far from each other. No boundries,fibers felt,together. If you wish to join it or have more information,please mail to : Past exhibits of The Arlecchino Projects were in April 2012 in Amsterdam,The Netherlands,March 2013 in Florence,Italy(Biblioteca del Palagio di parte guelfa),October 2015 at the OBA (public library Amsterdam) Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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